The first school at Park Siding was built on John Potter Bell's property. The 16' by 18' log school was built by John P. Bell and an older gentleman in his employ, in the fall of 1912.

Mr. A.S. Ellis had the five Bell children and two McIntosh boys as his first pupils when the school opened. Miss Ida Ray Houston was the last teacher to teach in this school. They moved to the new school on January 20, 1922.

The second school at Park Siding was built on the one-acre lot purchased by the local school board in 1919. The building was larger than the first school and was of frame construction. There was a cloak room in front and a porch. A woodshed was built behind the school around 1925. In the twenty-four years of operation there were fourteen teachers. The school came to a sad ending due to a fire in the summer of 1947.