The Trail Technical School was opened in 1923 with grades 9 to 11. Previously, pupils in these grades attended Central School. In 1926, grade 12 was added to the school. The initial enrollment was 90 pupils. In 1933, three classrooms were added as Trail’s population increased and in 1938-39, four more classrooms were added along with home economic labs, a library, lunchroom, auditorium and gymnasium.

Grades 7 and 8 were placed in the new school and the name changed to the Trail Junior High School. When the JL Crowe High School opened in 1952 grades 10-12 were transferred to that school. In 1961, grade 7 was moved to the elementary school leaving Trail Jr. with only grades 8 and 9.

The School was closed in 1983 and the pupils were transferred to the JL Crowe Secondary School. In 1985, the building was renovated to house the Trail Campus of Selkirk College, Trail Arts Council offices, an art gallery, a senior’s centre, Continuing Education and a community theatre, now called the Charles Bailey Theatre.