The first school in the community of Blueberry Creek was built in 1916. It was a wood frame building, housing students from grades 1 to 8. From 1917 to 1923 the school was in full operation. During the next 10 years the school operated only when the enrollment was sufficient to warrant the hiring of a teacher. Records show that in 1933 the school was again reopened full time and operated until 1947 when it burned down. In 1962, at two room school on a 10 acre site in Blueberry was built. In 1965 – 66 an additional room was added to the school, due to many new families moving into the area. A portable classroom was brought in an additional staff was hired. The school yard was cleared of brush and fenced. A library and activity room were added in 1974 – 75. The school closed in 1986. The community of Blueberry uses the building today for various activities.